Paul Laane is an author/illlustrator who is all about creating great stories and making them come alive in pictures. Laane is a working professional in the field of illustration and concept art, as well as a creator of book project IPs. He's based in Finland and has successfully run a design firm for over 12 years. With over 20 years of experience as a working professional, Paul knows the value of communicating with the customer to get the best possible result for a project.

Paul has garnered a unique knowledge base with degrees and education from the fields of Business, Graphic Design, and Classical Art. A dedicated man, he believes in the power of learning all the time, getting up at 5am to train his art skills. In recent years he has gathered a unique skills at such schools as: Aristides Atelier, Repin Instititute Finland, Watts Atelier, Schoolism. And he also teaches art at the Repin Institute Finland.

Paul Laane enjoys movies, books, good music, and walking in nature.
He lives in Espoo, Finland with his wife and two children.